Using Remote Techniques to Recruit Members

Clearly the world is changing and a new normal as being created. The use of social media has been identified as a new normal cultural factor in recruiting people, but basic techniques can still work.

To achieve this, use your various social media tools not just to post messages and photos but to create excitement about your organization, develop a team that will share your messages and then them to be shared again. Solicit and constantly look for ways to get people to like and visit your site(s) for information. This is more entertaining and visual oriented than traditional techniques.

Use your sites for

1. recognizing members of the organization for efforts, achievement and activities
2. agency recognition within the community or the fire service
3. letting the public know what you are doing, fire prevention activities, incidents you responded to, etc.

Use social media and electronic communication techniques (as well as posters and mailers) to:

1. Make members feel safe and confident in doing what is necessary for the organization
2. Publicize volunteer fire and EMS activity pluses & minuses on facebook, twitter and other social media venues you may be using to get the word out.
3. Reach out to those who have left the organization to join your site(s) to keep in touch
4. When you get interest from someone, schedule an interview and tour, using social distancing and access restrictions as appropriate, making them feel comfortable and safe visiting your station.
5. When chatting with someone or meeting with them, stress relationship building, service to community, and developing the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve success.

Today’s volunteer is constantly looking at how the service can help them — so tell them. They can learn or practice skills and knowledge about plumbing, electrical, HVAC, construction and every other trade or management task. There is NO better learning ground for life, than that of a volunteer fire and EMS provider. This is the biggest selling point of all, regardless of where or how you promote it.

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